Staff/Principal Software Engineer

Intersog® is a Chicago-based provider of software engineering, custom development, and IT consulting solutions. We help companies address IT talent by building dedicated software development teams either locally in the USA / Canada / Mexico or in our R&D centers in Ukraine.

We are currently hiring highly skilled Staff/Principal Software Engineers with expertise in various areas, such as distributed systems, database internals, stream processing, SQL compilers, and SQL query optimization. In this role, you will be instrumental in the scoping, design, and development of components for our groundbreaking Data & Compliance operating system

Our project focuses on the creation of an innovative data and compliance operating system that empowers enterprises to handle consumer data with transparency. As a key member of our team, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing success of this initiative.

If you are passionate about data compliance, privacy, and building cutting-edge systems, we invite you to join our project and make a significant impact in shaping the future of data transparency.


  • 12+ years of hands-on software engineering experience, with at least 3 years of dedicated experience in working on database internals, including relational data, query processing, query optimization, and binary object formats such as protobuf development or caching.
  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages, such as C, C++, or Rust, with a strong focus on developing enterprise-quality software.
  • Extensive knowledge of UNIX/Linux or expertise in Windows.
  • Development experience in file systems, operating systems, database back-ends, distributed systems management, and in-memory databases/caches.
  • Solid understanding of OS internals, distributed data management concepts, and the ability to make design and implementation tradeoffs in building high-performance, fault-tolerant, and clustered distributed systems software.
  • Strong foundational skills in systems fundamentals, including multi-threading, IO subsystems, and scheduling.
  • Solid background in computer science, with a deep understanding of fundamental concepts.
  • Additional experience in any of the following areas is a plus:
    • Big Data storage technologies and their applications, such as HDFS, Cassandra, or columnar databases.
    • Scalable Key-Value stores like FoundationDB, RocksDB/LevelDB, DynamoDB, Redis, or Cassandra.
    • Advanced Analytics systems, including Time-Series, Complex Event Processing, or Forecasting.
    • Experience with distributed systems, including consensus protocols and replication.
  • Proven track record of successfully identifying complex problems, proposing effective solutions, and delivering highly complex projects in the field of distributed systems or databases.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science; Master’s or PhD preferred.

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